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Paranormal Romance Series: What makes Kamela a unique character?

The first book in the My Heart paranormal romance series is My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen. The focus is to show how misunderstandings between to lovers can almost destroy a relationship. One of the main characters is Kamela who and her love interest is King Joshua (Josh). Kamela is very technical and knows her way […]


How paranormal romance novels transformed my business

Listen to Podcast Over a year ago, I took my business to another level and did something I’ve never done before. I decided to start writing paranormal romance novels even though I had written business centered books in the past. This helped me fulfill a lifelong dream of publishing romance books. As a creative, just […]


5 Creative tips to overcome writer’s block for romance authors

Are you finding it hard to develop new ideas for your romance novel? Can’t seem to come up with the words to keep your story going? It’s OK. Overcoming writer’s block can seem like a challenge, but it’s possible It’s a headache all writer’s face at some point in their writing career. It’s doesn’t make you […]


Paranormal Romance Book: My Heart, My Kingdom’s Princess

The next paranormal romance book in the “My Heart Series” by Brey King will soon be released. The title is “My Heart, My Kingdom’s Princess” and features the story of James and Jasmine. James is the brother of King Joshua who is one of the main characters from the first book, “My Heart, My Kingdom’s […]