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Paranormal Romance Series—Balancing a Career and a Love life

In Brey King’s second book of the Perfect Mate paranormal romance series, Miracle’s Mate, the main character is struggling with finding a balance between her thriving career and her love life. Like a lot of modern career women in corporate America, it can be difficult to find time to give attention to both a job […]


Paranormal Romance Series—Character Profile: Lawrence

In Brey King’s second book of the the Perfect Mate Paranormal Romance Series, Miracle’s Mate, Lawrence is Miracle’s main love interest. In many ways, these two are complete opposites—Miracle is focused on her career while Lawrence is a hopeless romantic at heart. These two are brought together by the forces of nature and at the […]


Miracle’s Dark Secret in Brey King’s Paranormal Romance

In Brey King’s second book of the the Perfect Mate Paranormal Romance Series, Miracle’s Mate, the main character Miracle has a dark secret that she has been hiding from her love, Lawrence. She is hesitant to tell Lawrence about her dark past when they meet and fall in love because she’s afraid it might jeopardize […]


How to Write an Amazing Paranormal Romance Book

Writing a paranormal romance book is very exciting; and due to their wide target demographic range, also happen to be some of the bestselling books of the world, like the Twilight series. Like any other book, it takes time, effort and patience to craft an excellent story. 5 Paranormal romance book writing tips When it comes […]


Paranormal Romance Book: My Heart, My Kingdom’s Princess

The next paranormal romance book in the “My Heart Series” by Brey King will soon be released. The title is “My Heart, My Kingdom’s Princess” and features the story of James and Jasmine. James is the brother of King Joshua who is one of the main characters from the first book, “My Heart, My Kingdom’s […]


Paranormal Romance Novel: My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen

The paranormal romance novel world of the shifters This paranormal romance novel focuses on life in the world of shapeshifters (shifters) is exciting and always changing. Living according to what Fate has in store for a shifter is one of the things that makes their world unique. Shapeshifters are humans who can change into an animal […]