Welcome to Paranormal Romance Books by Brey King

After many years of procrastinating, I finally started writing paranormal romance books that I'm passionate about. My books are written in a series format which includes multiple books or as a standalone book. The focus of my books is to present dynamic characters who face life changing challenges.

Mostly the genre will be paranormal romance books which will have a slice of shapeshifter tales included. A shapeshifter is a person who can turn into an animal. Yes, my books have a little bit of fantasy built into them.

Who is Brey King?

Brey King - paranormal romance booksFirst, of all, my real name is Kim Beasley. So Brey King is my pen name. Although I love to write paranormal romance books, I love many hobbies that enrich my life. Finding my passion in writing, I felt that I would also share some of the other things I'm passionate about. So I'm also passionate about…

  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Movie addict
  • Music addict

Why do I love writing paranormal romance books?

Because I'm passionate about reading paranormal romance books, I decided to be an author. It was an easy thing for me to choose to do because…

  • I love writing and sharing my words with readers.
  • Being able to create fictional novelettes is one of my passions.
  • Creative writing has always fired up my imagination.
  • Reading good book is fine but reading great paranormal romance books is awesome!