3 Sites for Becoming a Book Writing Expert

Writing a book is an accomplishment many strive to finish, in a recent study by the New York Times publisher network, eighty-one percent of Americans feel they are sometime in the near future, going to write and publish a book. What we learn from this study, many people set out to write a book, and, lose motivation, dedication, or ideas which result in failure to complete their writing goals.

Though a large number of these cases may very well be due to a lack of resources, support, and tools that these 3 sites offer to writers who dream of finally writing and publishing that great book idea.


What do you use to concept, plan, write, and edit your book? Does your writing tool offer chapter, page, and concept planning? Penflip has quickly become one of my favorite tools in the writing process, this writing app offers a complete solution to planning out the concept and layout of your book and getting to work on that keyboard with a fully stylized writing app.

How does it work?

Penflip takes a minimalist approach to their editor, with simple styles and easy to figure out tools. The editor offers a planning feature which allows you to plan out your book, chapter by chapter, page by page.

Moving away from the editor, Penflip is much different from what others offer, with the ability to write a book in complete synchronization with a co-author, and it even allows you to moderate those changes with simple revisions if necessary, in conjunction with discussion tools, highlighting, inline comments, as well as revision history.

How is it viable?

I don’t have to tell you that planning and writing a book is hard, especially if you add a co-author to that statement. With a minimalist editor with chapter planning, collaboration features, offline editing modes, markdown support, it makes the perfect combination of editing tools for writing a book and actually finishing it. Penflip is a complete, all-in-one tool for writing your book, solo or with a co-author.


You’ve finally finishing punching away at your keyboard. Now you’re ready to design your book cover, edit, proofread, and maybe even market your book towards garnering that best-selling status.

How does it work?

Once you’ve finished writing, you can easily import your book into Reedsy’s intuitive editor built for post-writing services. Reedsy also offers their editor for the initial planning and writing, however, I suggest using Penflip for this process for their minimal and collaborative features outside of Reedsy’s marketplace.

Once imported, Reedsy’s extensive marketplace of book professionals is at your fingertips. These professionals offer editing, ghostwriting, book design, cover design, publicity, and marketing services. Browse Reedsy’s profiles and decide who you’d like to work on your book, choose more than one for choice in both work and pricing. The professionals will take a look at your book idea and concept, and will quote you a price to complete the work you need to be finished.

How is it viable?

Reedsy’s pool of talent are all under an extensive vetting process, they’ve all been in the book and writing industry, which you can view all of their portfolio entries for past work. In conclusion, they are all talented and dedicated individuals to get you the service you need, however, that talent and experience all comes at a cost, of course, which means, if you’re on a budget, you may need to consider learning these skills they can offer with sites like Udemy and Tutsplus, instead. Nonetheless, Reedsy is the perfect marketplace to get your book’s reading experience looking great, flowing great, and ready to make it out in the market.


Finally, after working hard on writing that book and finally hitting save on that last draft page, you need to find a publisher. The writer-publisher match is a daunting and stressful process, which the last site for this list aims to help with making the entire publishing process is easier.

Publishizer offers a crowdfunding style service that promotes and markets your book idea to hungry, pre-order ready readers, which then matches you with a publisher your book may best fit with.

How does it work?

By writing a proposal for your book, much like a business plan but in writing logistics, you allow book fans and hardcore readers to take interest and pre-order your book. Once you’ve reached a reasonable amount of pre-orders, Publishizer then matches you with a publisher ready to send your book out into the world and become a big hit.

How is it viable?

While there have been an increasing amount of crowdfunding sites for specific verticals popping up after the giant success of Kickstarter, many of those have since failed and offer fluffed up propositions in terms of real world value. However, this is far from the case of Publishizer, which offers a real-world validation with book orders from thousands of hungry readers on the platform itself, and over $650,000 in book sales.


While you gain a valuable insight into how well your book will perform live on the market, and a publisher match if it meets goals, it doesn’t offer a cure to all publishing problems like the fulfillment of pre-orders for an author, as well as marketing and development of your book once it’s published. However, if you are having troubles with finding the best publisher for your book, as well as an actual market validation, Publishizer is a great fit for your needs and is worth keeping an eye on.

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