Discover How To Apply To Be A Beta Reader For Brey King

Have you ever wondered how to become a Beta Reader? One of the best feelings in the world is to receive a book before anyone else has a chance to read it. New books are arriving every day. Authors are trying to get their books into the hands of new readers. Finding new and upcoming authors is amazing. Reading books before anyone else can get them – it is a feeling that cannot be described. Being a Beta Reader has its perks!

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader is one who gets Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of an author's works. They will then review the books on their blogs, through social media, and of course, any of the reading sites they are on. Sometimes the books have already been published, and authors are looking to add more reviews to their profiles. Readers love to share books. True bookworms will rave about their books, show them off on their social media, and recommend them to their many friends.

Beta Readers are in high demand. A review is a massive bonus to all authors, big or small. Being able to write a good review and post it online helps to draw others to the books. Sometimes your reviews will be featured online by publishing companies and the author. It gets your name as a reviewer seen. It also helps the author to have their books noticed by a broader community, who might have been unaware the books existed.

Additionally, reviews are a huge draw to those who might be interested in reading the books. Not all reviews are going to be five stars. Everyone who reads a book has a different reaction. Writing reviews helps to draw new readers to books that they might have overlooked. Helping readers find new authors to love is just a small part of writing reviews.

Perks of being a Beta Reader

In addition to getting an ARC of the book, you could become a part of the author’s inner circle. You can get to know the author better and interact with them on a level that other readers can’t. Give suggestions on future books and ideas when the author asks. You might even be asked to help create the persona and fashion of the new character!

Working with authors is a fantastic feeling. When you find authors that you can connect with, it brings books to a whole new level of fun. Watch new books come to life, and cheer your favorite writers on as they develop new works.

Authors are always looking for feedback on their books. Snippets, teasers, and other aspects of the book might be shared with the inner circle. Here is where you get involved! Being able to share, converse, and collaborate is a great feeling. Authors love to hear feedback from their trusted readers.

How can YOU become a Beta Reader?

Right now, Brey King is looking to add Beta Readers to her group. All you have to do is follow this link and apply! It is super easy. Every review is valuable. Writers use the reviews to gauge how their works are received, what to add to their next book, or how to expand. Keeping readers on their toes is something that authors love to do.

Connect with Brey King online. Catch up on what is going on, and be among the first to find out what is coming next.

Get started today! Complet the form below sign up today to become a Beta Reader! Don’t delay!  

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