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My Heart Series

My Heart, My Kingdom's Queen

The first book in the My Heart series which focuses on two hearts finding each other after they have been dream about each other for few years. When If finally find each other, their lives are impacted by…

My Heart, My Kingdom's Princess

The second book in the My Heart series lets you peek into the love, humor, and drama that is the focus of a romance between James and Jasmine, the main characters of this book.

My Heart, My Kingdom's King

The third book in the My Heart series introduces you to a teen sweetheart couple. When you have been hiding a secret from the man that you have been in love with since you two were teen sweethearts, crazy things can happen when the secret comes out. Now to deal with the aftermath is a challenge in itself.

My Heart, My Kingdom's Prince

In the fourth and last book in the My Heart series, love doesn't see age or color. What's age got to do with love? In the case of Prince Samuel and Cleo, they don't allow an age difference stop them from falling in love. It also helps that Cleo's best friend, Samuel mom, is in total agreement of their relationship.

Perfect Mate

Destiny's Mate

The first book in the Perfect Mate series that starts everything. She's searching for her true mate. He's trying to find the true love who's taken over his dreams. Tragedy strikes. Can love bring them together?

Miracle's Mate

This is the second book in the Perfect Mate series that continues the story of the sisters. Omega strong-minded corporate woman + Alpha strong-willed caring security expert = Explosive love story.

Karma's Mate

She's fighting against love. He's seeking a mate. Then their lives cross paths and drama ensues. Will their two hearts connect and seal a long-lasting love? Or will their relationship be destroyed before it even gets started?

Faith's Mate

Having a twin has made my life a living hell. I’ve come in second my entire life which started when I was born last. Then the man I wanted and thought was my mate chose my twin, so I left my family to start living life by myself. Alone, away from my family, and doing it my way. That’s where my life story truly begins.


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