Building Trust In A Relationship When It Is The Last Thing You Want

Building trust in a relationship can seem impossible; especially when it has been broken previously. In the case of Jasmine and James, trust had been broken. Jasmine wanted nothing to do with James. Even the idea of being around James was too hurtful for Jasmine to bear. But with hard work and dedication, the trust was restored. This led Jasmine and James to have a solid, loving relationship.

Building Trust In a Relationship

One of the first steps to building trust is being honest with yourself and becoming open to being vulnerable. This is hard self-work. Knowing that what you say and do has consequences. Being open to embracing and walking through those consequences, is a difficult path to walk. But when you have a partner willing to support you, the journey becomes easier.

Walk The Walk, And Talk The Talk

This is an easy phrase to say, but when it comes to building trust, it's true. Follow-through is critical. Whether you are keeping your word regarding a boundary or a promise, being truthful in your actions and what you say is one big way to build trust in a relationship. Keep your promises and stay true your word. Understand that broken trust may lead to questions, concerns, and worries. Be open and honest with your answers. Own your actions, words, and intentions.

Trust In A RelationshipBuild Trust Through Communication

Just like Jasmine and James, a majority of trust was built through communication. This is one of the most difficult accomplishments in building trust. Be vulnerable enough to open up and have the tough conversations that need to happen. Understand that open communication helps both of you process what has happened – the bad and the good. Give validation to what's occurred, whether positive or negative and don't hide your feelings behind it.

Many relationships fail due to bad communication. Sometimes what we say isn't what the other person hears. Trust, in and of itself, is grounded in communication.

Build Trust and a Relationship One Step At a Time

Trust is not built overnight, and relationships take time to nurture. It's important to acknowledge this before beginning to build a relationship. Allow time for healing, and allow time for each other to work on self-development. Take baby steps. Put the past behind, and make a commitment to move forward at a mutually-agreed-upon pace. Don't push, and don't overreact if the other party isn't ready to take a step you're ready to take. A relationship is two people journeying together, not one pulling the other along.

Relationships are built on trust, and trust is anchored in communication. Trust is built over time but can be easily broken. Earning back that trust can be much more difficult once it's been lost.

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Have you ever experienced broken trust? How did you move forward? What was the key to building the trust back in your relationship? Let us know in the comments below or via my contact form.

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