Choose characters for a book that draws you in

When I write, I like to choose characters for a book that will draw you into their lives. It's important to me that my readers can understand the dynamics of each person. So character that have a little bit of drama mixed in with a little bit of humor, makes up a great one.

How to choose characters for a book

Well, as I think about the vision for each book, there are a few things I have to have in place that help me write passionately. Once I have the perfect writing environment, then I can concentrate on choosing the characters for my book. Some of the things I keep in mind are:

  • Decide who the main characters are and how they will engage with each other
  • Pin down the total number of characters that will be included in the book
  • Determine the description of all characters
  • Define how the secondary characters will interact with the main characters
  • Depict the level of drama, humor, and passion for the overall book

Once the above is determined, then you can choose characters for a book that work well together. Normally I like to include a one or two drama points along with a lot of humor.  Even though these are basic tips, they have helped me to create very dynamic characters. Do you have comments or questions, please feel free to share below. I love to hear from my web visitors.


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