Developing character personality for your book that your readers will love

When developing character personality for your book, it's important that you have a plot along with an understanding of how you want your book to flow. The characters should have a way of drawing in your readers so that they will immediately fall in love with them.

Take the characters from my book, Destiny's Mate. From the very start of this book, I wanted you to understand the long journey that Destiny had been on to connect with her destined mate, Luke. After a couple of dramatic instances, we see that our lovable couple are together.

Basic steps of developing character personality

To get started with developing character personality, I always like to image myself in the lives of each character for my book. Then I write from their viewpoint as I reach into their character. Here's what I do…

  • Identify who the main characters are going to be.
  • Determine who the supporting characters will be in the book.
  • Define their relationship and what the end result will be.
  • Backup to the beginning and determine the dramatic and turning points in the book.
  • Denote each of your characters physical appearance.
  • Have cover designed and use it as inspiration while writing.

These are the simple steps that I go through when I'm developing character personalities for each of my books. I would like to know the steps you go through to develop the characters for your books. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Destiny's Mate - Perfect Mate series - Brey King
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