By Brey King

Karma's Mate

Paranormal Romance book

She's fighting against love. He's seeking a mate. Then their lives cross paths and drama ensues.

And it all begins with…

Karma is a focused lawyer who is career minded and not looking for a relationship. Especially, not a relationship that leads her to her mate. She's dedicated her life to helping women all around the world. Choosing to put her love life on hold has enabled her to not have to deal with the messiness of relationships. Being the oldest of a set of twins, she's decided to leave being in a relationship up to her twin.

Tracy, or Trace for short, has been looking for his mate and looking forward to being in a relationship. Being a lifelong military type man, Trace has had to always think about the safety of others. When he left the military after serving for a while to be part of his brother's high-end security team, he never thought he would meet his mate. Yet, he does and all he wants to do is keep her safe and let her know that she is loved.

Then they meet…

Once they meet, it's a rollercoaster ride for Trace and Karma finding a love that will last a lifetime. He's all about keeping her safe and moving forward with a relationship. She's not having a relationship and she makes sure that he realizes it.

Will their two hearts connect and seal a long-lasting love? Or will their relationship be destroyed before it even gets started?

The only way you will find out is to get this book and read on.

Best Selling Author

Brey King

After many years of procrastinating, I finally started writing paranormal romance books that I'm passionate about. My books are written in a series format which includes multiple books or as a standalone book. The focus of my books is to present dynamic characters who face life-changing challenges.

Mostly the genre will be paranormal romance books which will have a slice of shapeshifter tales included. A shapeshifter is a person who can turn into an animal. Yes, my books have a little bit of fantasy built into them.

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What my readers are saying


Cliff hanger galour!!!

WOW! What a way to begin and end a story, you naughty girl! A real page-turner, the right amount of suspense added to keep the reader interested. Can't wait for Karma's story!!!

– J. Jensen


Grab a glass a wine and settle in for a sexy night

A beautiful yet haunting romance novel that pulls you into a sexy world that you will visit every night in your dreams.

– Jerrilynn B. Thomas


Inner struggles we can all relate to

This was my first ShapeShifter book of any kind – interesting concept! The inner battles between the animal and heart, family expectations and personal wishes, love and misunderstanding were all in here. I could definitely identify with many of the situations but there were a few plot twists I didn't expect. I also liked that it was a quick read – nice escape after a work day.

– Tara Reed