How paranormal romance novels transformed my business

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Over a year ago, I took my business to another level and did something I’ve never done before. I decided to start writing paranormal romance novels even though I had written business centered books in the past. This helped me fulfill a lifelong dream of publishing romance books.

As a creative, just like many of you, I would start projects but would rarely finish them. So, as you can image, starting this journey of writing a romance novel was a challenge for me. I not only finished my first novel, but I followed it with the publication of six additional romance novels.

Through the process of writing seven novels, I not only learned what it takes to finish a creative project, I also learned how to make money from writing the books along with marketing them. It took me getting out of my comfort zone to market my books once they were written and this helped me to make money.

What Writing Romance Novels Taught me

Getting into the business of writing romance novels, in many ways, required a completely different skill set and way of thinking than I use in my everyday business. This journey taught me that I didn’t have to grow my business in the areas that I’ve spent years mastering. I could plant the seeds of my business in a completely different environment and still see growth.

If I had allowed my habit of starting things and not finishing to take over, I would have never fulfilled my dream to write books. Writing a novel is something that requires a lot of time and thought, so staying committed is really important. By staying committed, it allowed me to have a consistent flow of books that my readers wanted to read.

When you don’t finish your creative projects; and instead you keep starting and stopping different projects, you never get the results you desire. With this habit in place, you will end up being hindered in building your dream business.

Have you ever had an incredible idea that you knew would be profitable? Have you ever seen someone else take that great idea and make money with it? Isn’t it time to finally get paid for doing what you love? Do you want to write romance novels?

I’d like to invite you to check out my podcast for Creative Introverted Entrepreneurs where I will show you why you MUST finish your creative projects if you ever want to build the business of your dreams.

Romance Novels

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