How To Find Confidence as A Writer

You read through your work thoroughly, and you’re beginning to doubt yourself. You start asking yourself questions of doubt into your self-worth and ability. It’s the inevitable period where you are losing confidence in yourself, your writing, and hurting your future. The one keyword, confidence, is a key factor in your success, but how do you gain and maintain confidence as a writer?

What are you using as a tape measure?

Low confidence in writing work will come from measuring yourself in comparison to others. What are you using to measure yourself?

Stop looking at highly successful authors, editors, and writers. This kind of measurement will never allow you to succeed or your writing grow. Instead, start measuring yourself by using other writers around you as an example. These writers should be those that are at a similar period in their career as you are, or sometimes, a bit ahead of you in terms of progress.

Stop measuring, start progressing.

Break the Norms

When I feel my writing flow starts to slow, fall behind, or even trigger lack of creativity, I stop. I stop to take a look at the structure and process into how I am writing the piece I’m working on. Am I attempting to follow some process or formatting system that I’ve gained familiar along the way?

Formats, systems, and processes aren’t always going to help the writing process, in fact, it often starts hurting you after some time of using it. Break free of your normal writing process and approach it from another angle. Don’t worry about the format or systems you’re writing in, discover something different along the way. Forget about systems, it’s not about systems or even formats.

The true focus should be on the value and storytelling you are delivering to your audience.

We Can’t Diagnose Ourselves

When we’re feeling low on the confidence and the ability to deliver our stories, we often try diagnosing ourselves. This leading straight to your skills, talents, and words. We’ll start demoting ourselves as writers.

Oftentimes, the lack of knowledge in a certain area of our writing lives will account for much of our loss of confidence. Strive to keep learning what you may not know, stick to your identity, and know that your skills aren’t below anyone else. You’re already setting yourself apart and moving above the average others just by writing, launching, and publishing.

We need to stop trying to diagnose ourselves, and just focus on moving forward by delivering real value, genuine information, and engaging storytelling.

If you can consider those tips you will easily be able to build confidence as a writer.

I recently wrote on crafting realistic expectations that you can use in cases of your book, or any other area of writing. Read the piece here, and let me know what you think on Facebook.



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