How to stay focus when writing interracial paranormal romance

As an interracial paranormal romance, I have found that staying focused and getting writing done can be struggle occasionally. Basically called writer block even though it may seem fictional. Being an interracial paranormal romance writer, I have found that there are some techniques that I employ to get past the writer's block and to stay focused.

Tips from an interracial paranormal romance writer

I want to share five basic tips that you can use to make your writing rituals more productive.

  • Find your sacred zone for writing, all writers have it. It could be anything from the cliched coffee shop to a chair in the backyard. Just make sure it's a place where you can zone in, or that inspires you to write. It does not always have to be a place that is quiet; some writers draw inspiration from noisy coffee-shop conversations. Just make sure you turn off your cellphone so you can tune in to write.
  • Professional writers are in consensus on the fact that writing more frequently is far more important than writing for longer hours. Do not sit for hours at length and try to pen down a novel, instead choose to write when those ideas float and the words flow, even if it is in small bouts. You will get more writing done this way!
  • It is important to set daily goals, and meet those goals. It's equally important to keep those goals realistic. Writers like John Grisham would keep their daily goal at as little as one page a day. Even if you manage to pen down about 500 words every day, you will have a draft of your paranormal romance novel in about six months. Sounds like a good plan?
  • Don't leave writing project hanging. It's not uncommon for writers to leave writing projects unfinished when they hit a dead-end. If you feel like you've hit a dead-end, then move to a different scene, and come back to this one later. To do this, it helps if you have an outline of your novel before hand.
  • Save the edits for the end. The problem with edits is that they disrupt creativity, and make you think about how you should be writing rather than what you want to write. Free-writing is the best way to stay focused, as you aren't forcing yourself to think a certain way, and are busy penning down those spontaneous ideas.

Drafting staying focused as an interracial paranormal romance writer is just a matter of consistently practicing the tips above. Consistency will help you get into the groove and stay on top of your writing. What are some of the ways that you stay focused? Please feel free to share in a comment below.

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