How to Write a Winning Book Proposal

You want to get your book published, and the route you’re taking is by creating a quality book proposal. Your book proposal is all about making the connection with a publisher that’s interested in you and your book, but it’s also about something else. Including your audience, as well as yourself, is key to a winning book proposal.

What Makes a Great Proposal?

  • An enticing and alluring book cover.
  • An overview of your book. Why should your book exist? Why do people want to read your book? Those are two different questions.
  • An audience pitch. You’ll need to offer some in-depth insights into who your audience is, and how they benefit from buying and reading your book.
  • Display of your marketable skills as an author.
  • The “hook” pitch. I’ll explain this more below.

Crafting the Pitch

Now that we know the outline of a winning book proposal, let’s go into detail in crafting a pitch, step by step, so you’re on your way to becoming a bestseller.

Your Book’s Cover

The first window of opportunity to get readers (and publishers) interested in your book. Yes, people judge your book by it’s cover. This stage of your proposal should be one of the most resource intensives. In time, if you have the right skills, and in price, if you don’t have outstanding design talent.

Even if you do not have art and design talent, draft what your book design should as a whole represent and display across people’s first look, and move from there. What if you don’t have design skills? Plenty of sales will be directly caused by a great book cover, so invest in it.

If can’t design a quality cover yourself, using tools like as well as is a valuable resource for you. Yes, it is indeed a large cost upfront, but the benefits will outweigh the initial cost. Or you can outsource the design to my graphic designer, Rachel, and you can find her here:

Your Overview

This is where you layout the entire representation and beneficial experience of your book. For an educational book, offer what readers will learn from your book. While a fiction book’s experience overview should focus on what makes the story immersive and where the book will take the readers in a way that is enjoyable. In both of these, keep in mind to craft a great introduction to your book’s idea and missions, to keep people interested.

Where you wrap up your overview, you will share your experiences, educational deliverance value, as well as your inspirations to write the book. For extra points with publishers, give market and audience data into what your book provides, and where the readers are. This will give you a step up with publishers.

Your Marketable Talents and Traits

Publishers want to know your book, your audience, and who you are. But what’s one thing that publishers “love to know”? They love to see your marketable talents and traits. Offer an insight into your current personal brand, do you have a high social media following and great at marketing in social networks? What about the winning personal website of yours?

Showcase these skills and your overall personal brand’s network, and publishers will love you for it, and want to move forward doing business with you. Someone who already has marketing value just in their personal brand, not just in their “future book” is a future success story.

The “Hook” Pitch

This where you wrap it all up into one short pitch. The key points to include here include what makes your book unique to others, what it provides readers in terms of educational or entertainment value, as well as what makes you a qualified writer of the book with your passions, missing, and previous experience.

Remember to never be pushy on your subjects in any format of your pitch, especially your book. You’ve been writing through sweat and tears, and given your all for this book, and it can sometimes be easy to “over pitch” your book. However, this will instantly turn away publishers from moving forward with you and your book.

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