How to Write an Amazing Paranormal Romance Book

Writing a paranormal romance book is very exciting; and due to their wide target demographic range, also happen to be some of the bestselling books of the world, like the Twilight series. Like any other book, it takes time, effort and patience to craft an excellent story.

5 Paranormal romance book writing tips

When it comes to writing a paranormal romance book, there are some helpf tips that can help you be successful and reaching your writing goals. Let's check them out…

Keep the romance in focus

The first thing you need to remember is that romance needs to be the central theme of the book. The paranormal/ fantasy elements can provide a great back drop and a rich narrative fiction that acts an anchor for the plot, but it should always maintain its focus on following the relationship/s of the central characters.

Read for inspiration

It's pretty much impossible to find a prominent writer who was not also an avid reader. Inspiration comes from all directions and it helps to keep an eye on what the competition is doing. You can save a lot of time and effort by learning from the mistakes of others. Don't be afraid to indulge in some of the best paranormal romance books to find out how to spin a gripping tale. You can even think about what your characters would do differently if faced by situations similar to what is described in the book!

Go back to the basics

Once you believe that you are onto the next bestseller, sit down and take some time to draw out the basic elements of your story. Start with the main characters, add supporting characters who can push the story forward, add some conflict which will test the loyalties of your characters, and finally think about how the conflict will be resolved.

Maintain an element of surprise

Nobody likes to read a predictable book,  after all, why to bother reading to the end if you can easily see exactly where it's going from the start. Make sure you add some unexpected but well-considered twists and turns to the plot so that you can keep your reader interested throughout the experience.

Get a change of scene

In the process of writing, you will be required to describe locations and experiences that will help the reader visualize exactly what you have in mind. Visit places that resemble the settings in your book to help you think like your characters and draw inspiration from your surroundings. You may even speak to other people who resemble the characters to find out more about how they would approach a certain situation.

Even while applying all the tips given above, remember that there is no shortcut to writing a good novel and regardless of theme or audience, there are simply no substitutes for a great story, well told. Would love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment to let us know of your paranormal romance book writing tips.

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