Take A Sneak Peak at Brey King’s New Paranormal Romance Book

Do you love drama? Are you addicted to paranormal romance? Then you need to read Brey King’s new paranormal romance book! Find out the latest on what the Perfect Mate sisters have been up to in Brey King’s newest title: Karma’s Mate.

Releasing on February 13th this year, Karma’s Mate will take you on a wild and romantic ride through the world of shapeshifters. Family drama, kidnapping, internationally coordinated rescues, an epic love story: this book has it all.

Brey King’s New Paranormal Romance Book is Your New Guilty Pleasure

If you haven’t been reading the Perfect Mate series by Brey King, today is your lucky day! You have a whole new guilty pleasure to indulge in. Romance, action, and some of the strongest women you’ll ever meet are all waiting at your fingertips.

The Perfect Mate series follows a band of sisters as they each find their mate. Shapeshifters only have on perfect mate, and finding that person marks a new chapter in their lives. Read the books to find out just what makes the sisters so special, and just why it is so important for them to find their perfect mate.

What Are Shapeshifters?

A shapeshifter is a supernatural creature that can change between human and animal form. Shapeshifters are not the same as werewolves. They are born to their powers, and they’re not all wolves either. If you want to know more about what a shapeshifter can be, you can find out by exploring Brey King’s books.

You’ll find more than what makes a shapeshifter between these pages. You’ll also find out just what kind of man it takes to court a strong woman, and just how explosive it can be when the two finally let down their defenses and come together.

The Drama is Heating Up in Karma’s Mate

There’s no shortage of intrigue when it comes to the Perfect Mate sisters. Brey King’s new paranormal romance book will take you even further into their world. Find out what makes Karma tick, and what ticks Faith off, in the newest installment.

Until then, here are some questions to keep you up at night:

Is it possible for a shifter to have two perfect mates?

What’s so crazy that it could come between twin sisters?

Will Karma lose her special powers?

You’ll have to wait until February 13th to find out the answers. While you’re waiting, feel free to speculate wildly in the comments section below!

Can't wait? Preorder the book here:

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