King Joshua: The Disadvantage of Being A Single King

Being a king is not easy. When you are running a kingdom while single, it is even worse. My parents are really wanting grandchildren, but I am having fun just being me. I do my best to run the kingdom during the day, but at night, I just want to kick back and have some fun. There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

Since becoming king, my mother has been discretely trying to get me to settle down. Lately, though, she has taken more drastic measures. She has planned a ball and invited all the women in the kingdom who are single to attend. Every. Single. One.

Trials Amid the Roses

People tend to think that running a kingdom is simple. It is honestly more stressful than people realize. I have my hands full each day trying to maintain law and order while ensuring that each of my subjects is taken care of. There are always people who are wanting something from me. So why should I not indulge in a little pleasure for myself?

I have been working really hard to ensure that everything continues to move forward. My father was a great king, and filling his shoes is a bit harder than I care to admit sometimes. I am working on bringing our kingdom to new heights.

One of the most significant trials that I have right now is that I am a shapeshifter. I can have all the fun I want, however, somewhere out there in my perfect mate. I know that I will find her eventually. My instincts tell me that she is close, but I am not feeling the pull like I thought I would. Maybe it will manifest in a different way than what I am expecting. My mother is hoping that she will appear at the ball tonight, but I am still just looking for a good time. Thankfully the palace gardens are in full bloom, and I can use that to my advantage if needed. The roses, in particular, are stunning this time of year, and they offset against the fountains that we have built in with perfection.

Turmoils Of The Heart

Well, if I could be any more stupid, it would have hit me in the face. I met my mate. I am excited by her presence and completely pulled to her. My behavior toward her was appalling, but I was not ready to admit that she was that perfect fit. My ideal mate.

I have been searching for Kamela, ever since I realized she was gone, but there has been no trace of her. It is like she has vanished off the face of the planet. Her best friend is doing a stellar job of not giving us any information. I am desperate for answers, yet I know that my team will find her, and bring her back to me safely. I want to demand answers, yet I know that at this point, I really do not deserve them. I can only imagine the disappointment that my mother will have if she is not found soon.

could find someone else, but no one else will do. My mate is my everything. My kingdom could only be better with her helping me rule it. As I sit here mulling over the situation, I realize that I am going to have to spend the rest of my life making this up to her. Kamela deserves everything that I can give her and more.

Discovering Love’s Story

We have found her! She is on her way back to me, and I am prepared to throw myself at her feet and beg for forgiveness. I am not sure what her feelings toward me are right now, but I can take a guess. I deserve whatever she has to say to me.

I hope that she realizes that she is my mate and that we are meant to be together. I would go to the ends of the earth to prove this to her. My kingdom is not complete without her by my side. Our story is only beginning….

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