King Samson’s Infatuation in My Heart, My Kingdom’s King

Many say that love can happen at first sight. But what we think might be love is often infatuation.  But, there is a huge difference between the two, and it is not always easy to tell them apart.

Leaping Tall Hurdles

Love grows by leaps and bounds, but infatuation starts off with instant want or need. Caroline and Samson are literally being pulled together. They are the perfect mates for each other. Caroline resists the relationship because she has kept a secret from Samson for twenty years. That secret could tear any resemblance of a relationship to shreds.

However, infatuation is strong. Samson is pulled to her. He wants her. But his infatuation with her stems from their youthful romance. He thinks he loves her. However, love is something that grows with time. It needs to mature, and be a mutual relationship. Love is patient, love is kind. Infatuation is immediate and needy.

How do you know the difference? There are always signs that reveal the difference between infatuation and love.

Infatuation Between the Pages of Paranormal Romance

With the story of Samson and Caroline, we see the desire strongly. Samson cannot think of anyone but Caroline. He dismisses another woman without barely a thought. Caroline consumes him. He wants to please her, but he is afraid of scaring her away. As we watch their characters develop, we see the people they want to be.

“I had to kiss you, Caroline. I could no longer just be in your presence and not kiss you. Whether you want to admit it or not, we are mates and the mating pull is happening to both of us. Do you feel it as much as I do?”

There we are – the infatuation. Samson is basing the entire relationship he wants in the pull. Reading through the infatuation will pull you deeper into the story. The desired ending is one of happily ever after. Paranormal Romance brings you different facets of obsession, and then true love. But they have to work through the initial puppy- eyed stage first.

Finding Happiness In Adversity

Samson has not taken the time to really understand Caroline’s hesitation. Only when they work together does the desire slow down. Real feelings are beginning to develop beyond the mating pull. Remember, once shifters mate, it is permanent. As the feelings begin to move past infatuation and into real love, we see finality within the story.

Samson is learning a lesson through all of this. While they might be perfect for each other, mere passion does not make a relationship. Infatuation can fade, it will disappear. When that is gone, if there are not true feelings, then there is no relationship. Infatuation alone can be dangerous. While it can make for some great feelings and desires, it can also lead to situations that are best avoided.

Mating, Love, and Happy Endings

Caroline and Samson have had to learn that the pull for them to mate does not automatically smooth away any issues.  While they want each other, they have to build foundations. The beginning to this is honesty.

Once they are fully honest with each other, she truly becomes the queen of his heart. As the characters completely open up to each other, firm roots are planted. Love blooms, infatuation fades, and they walk off into the sunset together.

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