Letting go of the past to find your heart’s true love

It may hurt to let go of the past but when you do, you can find your heart's true love. In my book, Love’s TriLoJee, this very thing happens to the main character, Trisha or “Tri”. Her teen love was Lomaz or “Lo” and her best friend had always been Jerald or “Jee”. And yes, the title of the book is a combination of their names.

What is true love?

You might ask, what is true love? Well, the definition depends on one’s heart and how you feel about it. According to Merriam-Webster.com, true love is defined as, “one truly beloved or loving”. In this reference, it seems that the definition is toward yourself.

In Love’s TriLoJee, when Tri found herself at the crossroads of true love, she had to determine what was right for herself. She had to listen to her heart and follow it.

When dealing with finding one’s true love, it boils down to one thing… What does your heart draw you to? Figuring this out can lead you to the one your heart yearns for.

Dealing with the crossroads of true love.

If you find yourself in a crossroads as you search for your true love, it’s always helpful to create a list of what you’re looking for in a partner. Also, it helps if you are open to building trust in a relationship.

To help you create your list, I want to share a few from my list so that you can have an idea of what a list could look like. Each item should be able to start with, “My true love will…”.

  • …listen to me and really hear my words.
  • …share their thoughts, joys, and challenges and allow me to do the same
  • …understand the importance of clear, 2-way communication.
  • …understand who I am as a person and will give me the freedom to be myself.

This is just a short version of my list. Hopefully, you notice that what I’m looking for in a man will also be reflected in me. I’m not looking for someone to mirror me, just someone I can relate to in various areas.

How about you? I would love to hear about what you’re looking for in a true love. Please share in the comments.

Final Thoughts…

Finding your heart’s true love isn’t a race or a reason for you to be able to brag. I want my true love to be someone who compliments me and I wish the same for you.

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