Living On The Run And Dreaming About Love

I have been living on the run for three years now. My parents wanted to try and mate me with someone who would have made my life miserable! Honestly, I am not sure why my mother was so invested in seeing me with that man. Whenever I think about him, I shudder. He is so domineering, and I know that if I had agreed to be with him, I would not have enjoyed our life together. Voss comes across as a ruffian and someone who could never treat a woman right. Besides, as a shapeshifter, I am pulled to my perfect match, and he is not even close!

4 Tips for Living On The Run

It is not quite as easy these days to just disappear, especially when you are a shapeshifter. I have discovered some simple tricks to living on the run.

  1. Travel light – Take as little as possible with you! This will come in handy when you are needing to move quickly. The more baggage you have, the slower you go! I just grabbed the bare essentials shortly after I left. Not having very many items to keep track of has made moving around a lot easier.
  2. Lose the cell phone – Your cell phone can track your location based off whatever towers you are close to, so turn it off and let it go. It is freeing really, not to have it attached to my hand all the time. I miss talking to my sisters, but I know they understand. 
  3. Use cash whenever possible – When you are traveling and staying under the radar, using cash will help to leave a colder trail behind. Credit cards and debit cards can log your location.
  4. Let your wolf out from time to time – When you are a shifter, there are times you have to let your wolf out and go for a good run. This can help to alleviate any stress and really helps to work the kinks out after being in a car all day long. Choose your area carefully though, there are quite a few places that it is not safe to be seen as a wolf! 

Using these simple tips while living on the run has really helped! I have discovered that there are so many things that I can live without.  

Dreaming About Love

Ever since I was 18, I have been dreaming about my perfect match. He is out there. I know that I will find him. My dreams have helped me immensely! I know what he looks like, and I can even get a glimpse of his daily life. What a dreamboat! I am longing to meet him, and finally get to know him on a deeper level.

Each new destination along this journey is bringing me closer and closer to where he is. I can feel the pull getting stronger. I have pointed the car in the right direction, and I know that any day now I will find the right road which will lead me straight into his arms.

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