Looking for entrepreneurs to partner in my romantic gift coupon giveaway promotion

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I'm looking to partner with entrepreneurs who want to be included in my romantic gift coupon giveaway promotion. This means that I want to find entrepreneurs who are willing to include a coupon in the back of my books in exchange for helping to promote my book.

The focus of this book promotion will be to encourage readers to buy books and use the coupons pamper themselves for Valentine’s Day. The promotion will encourage readers to take a “me day” so that they can use the coupons to pamper for a day or more during the Valentine’s Day month.

What types of romantic gift coupons am I looking for?

For this promotion, the kinds of a romantic gift coupon would be either for women or couples. Below is a basic list of coupons that would be great to have included:

  • Massage oils
  • Discounts for massage services (would need to be available nationally)
  • Body care products (would need to be delivered via online ordering)
  • Jewelry
  • Bags/purses
  • Shoes
  • Clothes/Lingerie
  • Restaurants (food, wine, etc.)
  • Teas

Who do I want to partner with?

To reach my readers with this promotion, I’m looking to partner with those who can provide products/services that are similar to the list above. So that you know, only one coupon for a category of products or services will be included in each book. I'm looking forward to finding out what types of romantic gift coupon you will submit for inclusion.

The types of partners that I'm open to partnering with and who would like to provide discount coupons are: personal care service providers, essential oil advocates, lingerie stores, tea shops, body care product providers, etc.

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How can you participate?

There are seven books in total that are currently available on Amazon. The books will be sold via breyking.com so that the special books with the coupons can be downloaded in PDF format.

For instance, there will be only one essential oil product per book. The Partner Program members may change from time to time and therefore new opportunities for those who were able to participate because their category was filled. Also, I reserve the right to refuse any product or service that doesn't fit into the Partner Program.

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