Miracle’s Dark Secret in Brey King’s Paranormal Romance

In Brey King’s second book of the the Perfect Mate Paranormal Romance Series, Miracle’s Mate, the main character Miracle has a dark secret that she has been hiding from her love, Lawrence.

She is hesitant to tell Lawrence about her dark past when they meet and fall in love because she’s afraid it might jeopardize their relationship. Read more below to find out what Miracle’s big secret is and how Lawrence reacts when she finally tells him.

Miracle’s Dark Past Haunts Her

It isn’t until the end of this paranormal romance series book that Miracle finally lets the readers onto to the thing that has been holding her back—her haunting past. It’s important to her to keep her secret private and away from Lawrence for as long as possible, but a secret this big has a way of getting out.

At first, Miracle tries everything she can to keep Lawrence at bay. Her desire to keep her dark secret from him causes her to make up excuses about why this relationship won’t work long term.

She tries to tell him that it won’t work because they live too far away from each other, but that excuse goes out the window when Lawrence tells Miracle he’ll move anywhere for her. At the end, she realizes that she’s left with no choice but to share her dark past with Lawrence.

“I couldn’t believe that he said he would move to where I live. There goes that excuse. There was only one other reason that I had left which was something that I really didn’t want to share. My big dark secret that I had shared with only one other person in my life.”

Paranormal Romance Series: The Big Reveal

Miracle takes a deep breath and finally lets both the readers and Lawrence in on her secret:

“Since I had been drinking, I wasn’t very aware of my surroundings. Before I knew it, they had gotten me into a room all by myself then stripped me of all my clothes.”

“Three weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant with a child and I didn’t know who the father was.”

She is obviously afraid of what Lawrence is going to think of all this, but his reaction shocks her.

“The next thing that happened really surprised me and shook up my world. Lawrence stood up, came over to me, lift me up, sat down in my chair and then sat me on his lap with his arms wrapping around me.”

A Search for Justice

After Miracle tells Lawrence about her dark past, he accepts her with open arms. What happens after can only be described as a love-driven search for justice. Lawrence is determined to right the wrong that has been done to the love of his life, and won’t stop until he finds the men that did this to her.

“Little did she know, I was secretly doing my investigation about the men who raped her. I would ask her questions here and there and then I would take what I learned and get it to my security team … Even though I’m late to the situation, I still plan on taking care of my mate and bring these men to justice.”

True love knows no boundaries and can weather even the darkest of storms. That’s exactly what this latest book from Brey King’s Paranormal Romance Series the Perfect Mate is all about.

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