Overcoming The Obstacles Of Age And Love

When trying to overcome obstacles of age and love, there are many factors that can come into play. Finding that perfect mate can be a little daunting at times. Worrying about things such as age should not play into those decisions. Leaping over the obstacles of age and romance can be done. Each couple may want different things, but together they make the perfect combination. Romance can arise from friendships that have been formed, or even surprise you at the time when you least expect it. The compelling story of Samuel and Cleo in My Heart, My Kingdom's Prince, show that romance and one's age do not have to play an overwhelming role.

“I’ve always felt that love, at first sight, was a misnomer, yet I have to say that love at first kiss definitely happened when I kissed Cleo at my uncle’s wedding. It was a little weird to have our first kiss in front of the family, but I couldn’t resist…Because at my young age of 21, I have found my mate after one kiss. My mate is someone I hadn’t expected at all.  Samuel in “My Heart, My Kingdom’s Prince.”

Overcoming The Obstacles Of Age And Love - brey kingWhen Love Surprises You

Samuel and Cleo have found romance, but not how they expected it as they deal with obstacles of age and love. Cleo is Samuel’s mothers best friend! While this might deter some, it makes Samuel more determined to woo and win her heart. Cleo has known Samuel for years, but something about that first kiss awakened a feeling that she had not felt before. However, there is a bit of age difference. While this difference in age does not seem too bothersome, it has brought Samuel and Cleo both a little fear.

Samuel has just finished college and is looking at starting a new job. He wants to make a good impression but also wishes to provide adequately for the very independent Cleo. How does a young man impress a woman who owns her own business?  Cleo is a successful businesswoman and has relied on herself for a long time. She has friends, but romance has never been a top priority. Now, that the mating pull has emerged, how can she return to life as before? Passions are about to ignite.  

When the woman you fall for is also your moms best friend, you have a little insider information. Best friends know each other inside and out and can give little tips to help move a relationship along. This is especially helpful when your mother is supportive of your relationship and willing to help you win the heart of your intended mate. Having a supportive mother, can really help deal with obstacles of age and love.

Age Is Just A Number & Overcoming Obstacles Of Age And Love

Age should not be an important factor in a relationship. When adults are searching for that special someone, they do not care if you are a little older, or a little younger than they are. What matters in life are the things you do together and how you interact as a couple.  When two people click, they don’t automatically go through and see what their ages are to know if they are compatible. Age considerations come later, if at all. When that special someone comes along, everything clicks.  

Samuel, however, has more to reveal. Not only is he a prince in his father’s kingdom, but he is also a shapeshifter. His wolf form feels the pull to his mate, and that pull does not take age into account. That first kiss was more than just a simple kiss. When a shifter finds their perfect mate, they know. The pull to that particular person becomes stronger. If your mate is not a shifter, they will not feel the pull quite as strong, but the feelings are still there. When your mate is a shapeshifter as well, the emotions can get very strong! Sometimes looking at a persons age can be daunting, but the right person can dispel the fears and put a calm into a relationship.

My Heart My Kingdom's Prince - brey kingSurprises in dealing with Obstacles of Age and Love

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