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I love to write paranormal romance books with strong female leads who find the men who want to truly love them. So after many years of wanting to write, I finally started writing paranormal romance books that I'm passionate about. I started writing my books around 2015. I’m so glad that I did because the characters from my books have come to life for me and my readers. The books are either in a series which includes multiple books or as a standalone book. The focus of my books is to present dynamic characters who face life-changing challenges.

Mostly the genre is paranormal romance books which will have a slice of shapeshifter tales along with feisty, strong female leads. The men that they fall in love with is just as strong as they are. In cause you don't know, a shapeshifter is a person who can change from a human into an animal and back to a human. Yes, my books have a little bit of fantasy built into them.

The key to my writing technique is being open to where my characters lead me when I am being creative in my ideal writing environment. I love to build in humor that actually makes you laugh out loud along with a little bit of drama spice. The funnier and dramatic I can make my characters, the better for my books.

My hope is that you will check out my books as they become available and then support me by leaving a review. Your feedback and comments are important to me!

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Readers Are Talking About My Paranormal Romance Books

Cliff hanger galour!!!

WOW! What a way to begin and end a story, you naughty girl! A real page-turner, the right amount of suspense added to keep the reader interested. Can't wait for Karma's story!!!

Karma's Mate - Brey King - paranormal romance book

Grab a glass a wine and settle in for a sexy night

A beautiful yet haunting romance novel that pulls you into a sexy world that you will visit every night in your dreams.

Destiny's Mate - Brey King - paranormal romance book

Inner struggles we can all relate to

This was my first ShapeShifter book of any kind – interesting concept! The inner battles between the animal and heart, family expectations and personal wishes, love and misunderstanding were all in here. I could definitely identify with many of the situations but there were a few plot twists I didn't expect. I also liked that it was a quick read – nice escape after a work day.

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