Paranormal Romance Series Character Profile: James

In the second book of her paranormal romance series, My Heart, My Princess, Brey King draws a lot of interesting and complex characters. One specifically interesting character is James who acts as a main character, intriguing both Jasmine and the readers. Keep reading for a character profile of James and how his personality and actions drive the plot of My Heart, My Princess.

James' Background in My Heart Paranormal Romance Series

In Brey King’s paranormal romance series world of shapeshifters, there are two kinds of shapeshifters: the Alphas and the Betas. In My Heart, My Princess James is a Beta to his Alpha brother King Joshua. While he is still part of the Septum Tribe, the ruling shapeshifter family in the Colonial area, he is not the natural born leader. Although he still has a lot of power and influence over the kingdom and is second in command next to his brother.

James' Strong Personality and His Passion

His role as a Beta means that he is naturally a supporter, a second-hand, and a side kick. We can see this in both his relationship with his brother, King Joshua and his love interest, Jasmine. While he doesn’t have any special gifts like an Alpha would, James has a killer bod and a sweet personality that helps him win over Jasmine toward the end of the book. Even though James is a sweetheart on the outside, he still is a shapeshifter and has the wolf’s instincts inside of him. You can see these wolf-like aspects of his personality shine through in his passions. His passion for Jasmine, in particular, is prevalent in this second book.

How James' Drive Affects His Actions in the Paranormal Romance Series

As a shapeshifter, it’s in James’ nature to constantly be looking for a mate. This drive and integral part of his personality is what causes him to be so forward and persistent with Jasmine. He knows that he wants Jasmine to be his mate, and he goes after her at all costs. This can sometimes make James seem a little overeager or over protective but in the end all of the things he says and does pay off because he ends up happily ever after with his mate, Jasmine.

“He leaned in closer right by my ear.  “Because they are mates.  When a shifter finds their mate, they will do everything they can to join with them.” Then he lightly blew in my ear and backed away.”

There are a lot of factors going on in James’ past and his personality that make him the character Brey King’s paranormal romance series fans have come to love and adore. Once you understand how the things in James’ life affect the way he acts, it’s easier to get an understanding of his essential role in the book’s plot.

If you enjoyed this character profile of James, there’s more to come from the other characters in Brey King’s My Heart paranormal romance series. In the meantime, check out our blog post, Paranormal Romance Series: What Makes Kamela a Unique Character?


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