Paranormal Romance Series—Character Profile: Lawrence

In Brey King’s second book of the the Perfect Mate Paranormal Romance Series, Miracle’s Mate, Lawrence is Miracle’s main love interest. In many ways, these two are complete opposites—Miracle is focused on her career while Lawrence is a hopeless romantic at heart.

These two are brought together by the forces of nature and at the end, can’t refuse their destiny. Find out more about Lawrence and how his character shapes the plot of Brey King’s latest paranormal romance series.

Lawrence's Desire to Make Miracle His Mate

There is no doubt that Lawrence has had his eyes set on Miracle from the beginning. He is a hopeless romantic and goes after what he wants. Miracle is reluctant to let Lawrence into her life, but that doesn’t stop him.

“The chase is on and Miracle doesn’t know what she’s in for. I’m going to romance her to the point where she can’t think about anything but me. It’s amazing that I would find my mate right as I’m searching for my kidnapped brother.”

Even when Miracle has to fly to a different state for work, Lawrence is determined to not let her slip through his grasp. This determination to win over Miracle says a lot about Lawrence's character. If Lawrence was not such a hard-headed and motivated character, the plot of this paranormal romance series would look a lot different.

It’s not hard to imagine any other kind of character being easily deterred by Miracle’s hard to get personality. But not Lawrence, he perseveres and is willing to overcome any obstacle put in his path to Miracle.

“Little did she know that I was planning on taking her to the airport in the morning. She’s my mate and there’s no way that I’m going to let her deny it. So, before she leaves, I’m going to make sure we are both assured of us being mates.”

Luckily for Lawrence, all of his hard work eventually pays off and he is able to convince Miracle that they truly are mates. Lawrence’s character just goes to show that you should give up on something that you really want in life.

“So, sweetheart, you know the first step of admitting that we are mates is a great start to getting our relationship going. It’s a miracle that we found each other and that we are destined to be mates.” He said with a big smile on his face.

Love Overcomes All in this Paranormal Romance Series: Lawrence’s Acceptance of Miracle’s Dark Past

Once Lawrence has snagged Miracle, the hard work is not over for him. There’s still a dark secret hiding in Miracle’s closet. The real test of true love is finding out if Lawrence still wants to be with Miracle after she reveals her dark past to him. But Lawrence, being as determined as he is, isn’t willing to let anything get in his way. He embraces Miracle and all of her faults with open arms.

“Baby, that was a hard thing to deal with at such a young age. I’m very proud of you for how you handled it.” Lifting my chin so that I was looking him in the eyes, he continued, “And I want you to be in my life. You are my mate and everything that comes with you is going to be in my life too.”

Lawrence’s Search for Justice in Brey King's Paranormal Romance Series

Not only does Lawrence have a streak of determination in him, but he also has a very strong sense of justice. Now that he has Miracle, he wants to do everything in his power to protect her and keep her safe. So when she reveals her dark past to him, his only focus is to right the wrong that has been done to his mate.

“Gannon, that’s a strong name. Now, to change the subject a little bit, do you remember them at all? Your attackers. I want to track them down and make sure that they receive justice for what they did to you.”

“I will agree to leave it alone for now. I can’t guarantee that I won’t try to have these men brought to justice. It’s for me to protect my mate, even if it is years later. So, please understand this about me.”

Lawrence is one of the most motivated and determined characters in Brey King’s paranormal romance series. His perseverance is what drives Miracle’s Mate’s plot forward and finally breaks down Miracle’s walls.

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