Paranormal Romance Series: Jasmine and James’ Rocky Relationship

Jasmine’s Past in the My Heart Paranormal Romance Series 

In Book 2 of Brey King’s My Heart best paranormal romance series My Heart, My Princess, there’s no doubt that Jasmine has had a rough past with relationships, especially when it comes to men. Her negative experiences with past relationships, most notably with Joe, has made Jasmine extremely hesitant and cautious about getting into a new relationship. This is why when James is so confused by Jasmine’s reluctance to go out with him, she doesn’t budge.

Jasmine is simply guarding her heart with a lock and key so she can’t get hurt again. Even though deep down, she wants another romance to sweep her off her feet. It’s hard for her to open up to James when her past is haunting her. This only escalates when Joe shows up at James’ and Jasmine’s first date. By this altercation, you can tell just how bad of a relationship Jasmine had with Joe.

“As he walked away, Joe said, “This isn’t the last you will hear from me Jasmine.  I told you we needed to talk and I aim to have that conversation with you.  I’ll leave you for now with your so called boyfriend.  You and I know this isn’t over.”

Jasmine even says herself that this whole thing with Joe has been going on for a while, and she thinks that he’s stalking her. It’s no wonder why Jasmine is so wary about starting a new relationship.

“I think he’s been stalking me but I don’t have any proof except for all the phone calls he’s made on my home and cell phones.  Now he has approached me in public while out with you, I know that he’s stalking me for sure.  I definitely want to put in a restraining order.”

Her Harsh Treatment to James in My Heart Paranormal Romance Series

From the first moment when James arrives at Jasmine’s door to tell her about Kamela in the beginning of the second book in this paranormal romance series, she gives him attitude. She immediately blows off all of his advances and is even harsh to him at times. This harsh treatment to James is probably stemming from a defense mechanism and a reaction that she has built up from her past lovers who have hurt her. Jasmine tries everything she can to deter James away so she can avoid another bad relationship.

“I behave like an adult all the time.  It’s just that when I’m faced with a man who can’t take no for an answer, then I can get highly pissed.  Stopping by my home weekly to ask me the same questions about Kamela is pestering me.  Now, what do you want James,” she said with even more attitude.”

Little does she know that James is not going to give in that easy. He must sense the reason for her hesitancy and wants to be there for her to make her feel safe.

“I figured that telling him he wasn’t my type would put him off.  “Baby, I am your type and I know you can feel the natural pull between us.  Why are you fighting it? All I’m asking for is dinner – nothing more.  Can we at least do that,” he asked.”

Why She Finally Gives into James

Despite all of Jasmine’s efforts to turn James away, she finally gives in at the end of the paranormal romance series. There are several reasons why Jasmine probably gave into James in the end, besides his good looks. For one, James is incredibly persistent. Not even the harshest thing that Jasmine has said turns him away.

“He leaned in closer right by my ear.  “Because they are mates.  When a shifter finds their mate, they will do everything they can to join with them.” Then he lightly blew in my ear and backed away.”

James also knows how to treat a lady well. Unlike Joe, James is extremely attentive to Jasmine’s needs and wants nothing more than to protect her. He pays attention to the little things and does everything he can to make her happy including taking her to her favorite restaurant.

“Boy was Jas surprised when I took her to Applebee’s.  I had asked Kamela what would be a great and simple restaurant I could take Jas too and she told me Applebee’s.  It was the perfect choice.”

The tension between Jasmine and James is almost too much at the end of this book! But that’s what makes it such a great read, and their relationship so intriguing.

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