Paranormal Romance Series: Jasmine & Kamela’s Unique Friendship

From the first chapter in Brey King’s paranormal romance book series My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen, you can tell that there is a special friendship between Jasmine and Kamela. This friendship continues throughout the entire series, but really shows it’s true colors in this first book. In this blog post, we’re going to examine what exactly makes Jasmine and Kamela’s friendship so intriguing and heartwarming!

They are the First People They Tell Exciting News

When you get exciting news like a good grade on a paper, a job promotion or a winning lottery ticket, you immediately want to pick up the phone and share the news with your favorite person. For Kamela, the first person she calls when she receives an invitation to the Septum Castle party. This really shows the readers how much Jasmine means to Kamela that she wants to share this good fortune with her right away. Their friendship is strong. 

“That reminded me that I needed to call her and let her know about this amazing opportunity. “Hey, Jasmine, you won’t believe what I received in my mailbox. An invitation for a special gathering at the Septum Castle! Yeah!” I excitedly shared with Jasmine over the telephone.”

They Tell it to Each Other Like It Is

Best friends are always there for each other, but they also aren’t afraid to tell the truth to one another straight up. They’re honest even when it hurts sometimes. That’s exactly what Jasmine does when Kamela calls to her about the invitation she received. She flat out says that she probably isn’t the only one who received it so she isn’t as special as she thinks she is. Sometimes friends just have to set friends straight.

“Girl, you know that it went out to a lot of single women around the area because the King is looking for a wife. And yep, I got one, too, so we should go together. What do you think?”  Jasmine responded.”

They Support One Another With Words of Encouragement

Even though Jasmine tells Kamela straight up that she’s not special, she still supports her best friend and wants the best for her. Jasmine tells Kamela that she’s going to rock that dress and get all of the guys at the party. She even promises to be there for her all night long. You can really tell how much they care for each other by their supportive words and actions. That’s what best friends are for.

“Jasmine exclaimed in surprise, “What! You really are serious about meeting King Joshua and turning his head! With that dress, all eyes will be on you. You’re going to really enjoy the night, and I’ll be right by your side! Let’s make plans to meet at my house to get dressed and then have a limo pick us up and drop us off there. What do you think? The limo will be my treat.”

Their Friendship Means They Stick Together No Matter What

While it’s obvious that Kamela’s interest in going to this party involves catching the eye of the King, she still keeps in mind that it was Jasmine who encouraged her and gave her the confidence to come. Best friends don’t let anything come in between them, especially not a boy. That’s why Kamela is still thinking about Jasmine, where she is, and whether she should go find her the whole night.

“Even though I was feeling good, I still wondered whether I should return to find Jasmine.”

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