Paranormal Romance Series—Character Profile: Miracle

Brey King’s second volume in the Perfect Mate Paranormal Romance Series centers around Destiny’s sister, Miracle. Entitled Miracles Mate, this book explores Miracles journey towards loving her mate Lawrence. They may be completely different, but sometimes that is exactly what loving couples need to thrive.

Miracle is focused on her corporate career, but is this pure ambition or a way to hide  from her troubled past? Lawrence is a hopeless romantic at heart, and he knows just how to bust through Miracle’s defenses. They may be opposites, but they’re still perfectly matched.

Miracle’s Resistance to Becoming Lawrence’s Mate

Miracle is a closed-off person with a no-nonsense attitude. She’s the perfect protagonist for a Paranormal Romance Series because she is both soft and strong. When she feels those natural forces at work, she tries not to give in:

I took my time responding because what I had to say wasn’t going to be easy, so here it goes. “I’m glad that we could be true to our inner animal and admit that we are mates. However, I have to also be true to my outer woman and admit that I don’t see how this is going to work.

This shows just how strong Miracle is. She has survived a lot, but has this survival compromised her ability to be happy? Lawrence doesn’t think so, and he keeps pursuing her no matter how much she tries to push him away:

“Us? Celebrate together? Hmm… That’s probably something that will need to be put on hold too. Don’t you think?”

“No, sweetheart! I think it’s a great idea, especially since you and I need to discuss my earlier proclamation.”

What was this man thinking? Moving away from him and towards the door, I said, “I’ll see you later. I need to go pack because I have to head back home tomorrow.”

Eventually Lawrence manages to break through Miracle’s walls. She lets him in by sharing her dark past. This frees her and she is able to let go and allow Lawrence to love her, even though she’s worried that her past will make him change his mind:

So, you see, there’s more baggage than you thought that comes with me. I will understand if you want to walk away because I haven’t had anyone in my life since that happened to me and I’ve never thought that I ever would.” I finished on a sad note with my eyes lowered. My hands had begun to tremble too because I didn’t know what his reaction was going to be.

Devoted Loving Couples in Brey King’s Paranormal Romance Series: Miracle and Lawrence

Once Lawrence learns of Miracles past, he is not content to simply be with his mate. In many ways, he’s just as strong as she is. While in the middle of helping to rescue Destiny’s mate, Lawrence makes time to hunt down the men who wronged Miracle and left her to care for a child in secret.

At the same time, Miracle continues to grow stronger in her love for Lawrence. She fights against her own inner demons, as many loving couples do, so she can truly be with her mate. The two grow stronger in their fight for one another, and it all leads to a confrontation with the men who wronged Miracle so early in her youth. Here again, Miracle stands up and reveals her deep inner strength and courage:

“Yes, I recognize both of you and you are two of the three men who raped me. You two are despicable because you ruined the trust I had in males. Because of the rape, for many years, I couldn’t even see myself trusting a man in a relationship. The only good thing to come out of this situation is my son.”

Miracle proves that, much like Lawrence, she is not somebody to be trifled with. Nothing stands in her way.

“Gentlemen, just so you know, we will bring personal charges against you too. So, you better lawyer up and be prepared for a legal battle that will devastate you. I don’t play when I go to court and because Miracle is my sister, you better believe that I’m going for your balls!”

Miracle and Lawrence find Balance in Brey King’s Paranormal Romance Series

Miracle and Lawrence may be opposites in many ways, but they are perfect mates who show true strength and courage. It takes just as much strength to be vulnerable as it does to be tough. Miracle and Lawrence show both. Miracle would not let her past get between her and her mate, and she won’t let her mate get between her and work.

I live on the East coast and work for a high-powered company. Loving my job and being successful at it, that’s a big part of my life. You live here and have a successful business too. So, how do you propose we make this work?”

Lawrence meets her halfway and is able to bend where she can’t. He doesn’t have to compromise work to be with her, and he even decides to move so she can keep her corporate career. Loving couples often fall apart when they try to balance work and romance, but Miracle and Lawrence are both willing to compromise and work together:

Miracle is a perfect leading lady in Brey King’s Paranormal Romance Series. She is strong when she needs to be, but she doesn’t lose her ability to be vulnerable either. It just goes to show that complete opposites can come together to make a beautiful relationship.

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