Examine perspective of villain’s scheming mind about his perfect mate

This blog post is written from the perspective of the villain searching for his perfect mate, who will not be named.

My scheming mind has always given me the upper hand, and I know it will help me find the perfect mate. One has to have the audacity to accomplish one's overall goals. As a shifter, I am Alpha who knows that success has always been something I am good at, especially when it comes to business.

Sometimes you just have to have a scheming mind to become the top dog. Who is to say what is right or wrong when it comes to getting ahead in business. Some might say that some of my practices are underhanded, or even illegal. To me, whatever it takes to get to the top is okay in my book.

What I Feel It Takes To Get A Woman

Faiths Mate - Brey King - Perfect Mate

My perfect mate is a woman who knows I have to be in charge. Even though I know women are a different story, I know in the end I will get my way. After all, any man of my caliber would want to have that picture-perfect mate on his arm at all times.

The only thing my woman needs to know is that I am the man in charge no matter what. She needs to rely on me for everything. I don't need a woman to do anything, but be there when I need her. However, gaining the perfect mate that I want has proven to be more elusive than any other business deal I have pursued in the past. This has become my new obsession.

My Newest Obsession For My Perfect Mate

Now that you know how I feel about what it takes to get a woman, let me tell you about my newest obsession. There are four sisters, with special gifts, that have turned my world upside down. I feel that anyone of them would be a perfect mate for me, and I will have my way.

My scheme is the perfect plan to make one of them become my woman. I have plenty of money and can give them anything that their heart desires. All they have to do is please and obey me. The ultimate goal is that they have something I want. Something I need to possess. A gift only they can give me.

I am always seen as the bad guy. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's my ambitious attitude when it comes to business. In my mind, I feel as though they just want what I have, but are afraid to ask for it. There are times that I don't mind being seen as the bad guy when I can get my perfect mate whenever, and however, I want her.

However, when it comes to gaining the perfect mate of my dreams, NOTHING is going to stop me from getting her. I will go to any lengths to get my hands on her, even if it means breaking the law. At this point, I have nothing to lose.

My Conniving Plan For My Perfect Mate

Step one – I have to come up with and finalize my plan. I know that at some point, I am going to get the woman that I want. Step two – Bribe someone close to her for information. This will give me an inside person, and the perfect view into her daily life. Step three – Implement my foolproof plan to get my perfect mate.

I am determined to get my way and gain the upper hand. The time has come for me to finally get what I deserve, and what I truly want. I am going to finally be the man on top…..

Perfect Mate - Brey King - Faith's Mate

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