Paranormal Romance Book: My Heart, My Kingdom’s Princess

The next paranormal romance book in the “My Heart Series” by Brey King will soon be released. The title is “My Heart, My Kingdom's Princess” and features the story of James and Jasmine. James is the brother of King Joshua who is one of the main characters from the first book, “My Heart, My Kingdom's Queen“. Jasmine is the best friend of Kamela who is the love interest of King Joshua.

In this contemporary romance book, you're find plenty of Love, Humor and some Drama to boot. In each conflict that this interracial couple experiences, they find that being together is more important than being apart.

James is the security team lead for King Joshua and thus is very involved with keeping him secure. When King Joshua realized that his mate was Kamela, it was a little late because she had hidden herself away. So James and his team was tasked in finding her.

During the time that the time for the search, James would visit Jasmine periodically. Asking her the same questions about Kamela's location. And every time he received the same answers from Jasmine. No way was Jasmine going to give away the location for Kamela.

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If you have read the first paranormal romance book, you will know how things turned out between King Joshua and Kamela. In case you haven't, head over to Amazon and buy “My Heart, My Kingdom's Queen” paranormal romance book and then leave a review of the book. The third book is out and it's called, “My Heart, My Kingdom's King”. Each book is $2.99 unless you have Kindle Unlimited (KU) and then it will be FREE. Checkout my Amazon Author page for additional books written by me.

Paranormal Romance Book -My Heart, My Kingdom's Princess - Brey King

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