Exploring the World of Paranormal Romance: Shifters

In Brey King's paranormal romance books, shifters are the central focus. These supernatural beings live among mortal men with family histories that go back generations. One of the most important parts of a shifter's journey is to find their perfect mate. This activates their powers, but it can be a long and dangerous road to get there.

When people think of finding their perfect mate, they think of someone who completes them. People often want someone that will bring out their better attributes; a compliment to their own person.

Shifters don't have to worry about whether or not they have found the right one. They can feel it immediately. Sometimes, even if a shifter feels they have found the right one, their family doesn't agree. There's a lot to learn about the fascinating world of shifters in Brey King's books.

Understanding Shifters in Paranormal Romance

Shifters are supernatural creatures that change shape at will. The shape they take depends on what family they are from. Some are wolves, others are dragons. Myths and legends are full of these fantastic creatures. In Brey King's Paranormal Romance series of books, they are the primary focus.

Shifters are very family oriented. They can be an Alpha, Beta, or Omega within their group. Each Shifter has powers that are unique to them, making them a useful part of their clan. 

The Alpha is the leader, the top person. They are not used to being questioned. Their orders are to be obeyed. Beta’s are the organizers and enforcers. They ensure that what the Alpha wants is carried out. Lastly, we have the Omega. Omega’s are nurturers. While they emit a power of their own, they also ensure the well-being of the entire group.

Shifters and Mating: The Pitfalls and The Perks

When a shifter gets near their perfect mate, they feel a pull to that person. Once they become one with their perfect mate, they activate a special power within themselves.

When a shifter chooses the wrong mate, they are giving up their full power. They become ordinary, with a shortened life. Many shifters fight to maintain purity until they find their match. However, some become hopeless in their search and give in to someone who is not their perfect mate.

A Shifter begins to search for a mate when they attain 18 years of age. Sex commits a Shifter to their mate. With their union, their powers are either confirmed or denied.

Only the perfect mate will bring out the full potential of the powers that lurk within. Once they mate, it is permanent. They will not look for another, and they will always remain loyal to their selected mate. 

Personality Determines the Nature of Shifters

The role of shifters in the books is extremely important, but not as important as the nature of the person who shifts. The characters are the main threads that draw the stories together.

Their powers are related to who they are at the deepest level. That is why finding the perfect mate brings out their true power. The journey of discovering this power is what draws you through the story.

What Would Your Shifter Powers Be?

As you are reading Brey King’s paranormal romance books, it’s fun to imagine what your shifter powers would be. What shape would you take? Are you a powerful alpha wolf, or perhaps a fiery dragon? What would your powers be?

Share your shifter with us in the comments below! Feel free to use a gif or an image to represent your power!



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