Why Sisterhood Is So Important To A Strong Romantic Relationship

Many strong romantic relationships have support for the females in a relationship from their best friends or sisterhood. The very definition of sisterhood, according to Merriam-Webster, is “the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns“. In my book, My Heart, My Kingdom's Queen, you can see that the balanced strong romantic relationship was birthed out of the sisterhood between Kamela and Jasmine.

Jasmine's love and protection of her closest friend were what opened the door for romance to blossom in Jasmine's life. This kinship allows Jasmine to discover true love. It also allowed Kamela and Jasmine to grow closer together through their individual experiences with being in love.

How Sisterhood Supports Strong Romantic Relationships

Friendship plays a huge part in a healthy, balanced romantic relationship. Being able to share your feelings and thoughts with someone close to you is an integral part of processing difficult or stressful times. Even in a strong romantic relationship, it's important to have a close circle of friends to depend on. Having a shoulder to cry on, someone who has your back -these are all necessary for our hearts.

There is something special about a sisterhood that has a different, if not deeper, level of influence and connectivity than a romantic relationship. You feel the hurt your sister feels, you feel the happiness she feels. It's a symbiotic relationship that nurtures strong romantic relationships with each other's lives.

How Sisterhood Helps Protect Each Other

Having trusted confidants while in a relationship can also be a very important tool for survival and protection. Should a relationship take a bad turn, a close friend will grow concerned. A lack of communication or a continual downward emotional spiral are all things that close friends will notice. They will take action on in order to protect the other. Just as Jasmine protected Kamela in her time of need, sisters need to protect each other. Keeping a keen eye out for signs of danger is a close friend's responsibility.

Close friends laugh together, cry together, fight alongside each other, and always have their companion's best interests at heart. Romantic relationships may dissolve, but friends keep each other going through those hard times. When one ally is weak, the other can intuitively feel it and help carry the burden through the darkness. When one ally is victorious, the other feels the victory with her and celebrates alongside her.

Friendship is vital to keeping our own selves on the keel. It is also integral for our romantic relationships as well. As Jasmine and Kamela struggled, they struggled together, as a united front. As Jasmine and Kamela triumphed, they triumphed together, celebrating each other. Bearing witness to these moments in each others' lives feeds a very important part of our souls, and these relationships are priceless.

My Heart My Kingdom's Princess - brey king - Strong Romantic RelationshipRead More About Kamela and Jasmine's Sisterhood

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As we know, friendships are an important part of a balanced romantic relationship. Have you stepped in to help your best friend during a time of need? Tell me your story by leaving a comment below or reaching out to me via my contact form.

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