The Significance of ShapeShifters in My Heart, My Princess

In the second book of Brey King’s My Heart best paranormal romance series My Heart, My Princess, shapeshifting plays an important role in the romance between Jasmine and James. Both Jasmine and James are shapeshifters which mean that their lives revolve around finding a mate. Read more about how shapeshifting affects their love affair below.

How ShapeShifting Affects the Plot

In the My Heart best paranormal romance series, shapeshifting forms the basis of the characters. In the second book, the plot revolves around James, a Beta shapeshifter in the Septum Tribe and brother to the Alpha King, Joshua. He is a wolf shapeshifter, meaning that his inner wolf often influences his thoughts and actions. If he doesn’t let his animal explore every once in and while it could take him over.

Shifters sole purpose in life is to find a mate. James, like all shifters, believes that Fate will bring him his mate. The trick is that they never know when their mate will become apparent to them, so they always have to be on their toes. When James feels a pull towards Jasmine, he believes that she is his one and only mate, and begins to do everything he can to win her over. This can be difficult for James at times because Jasmine has a bad history with romance.

“We had been searching for Kamela for almost a month and had just found her.  I wanted to visit her best friend, Jas to let her know.  Excitement flowed through my body as I approach her door because in my heart I knew that she’s my mate.” (Chapter 1: Getting to Know Each Other, James)


Jasmine is a character who has had a lot of trouble with past romances. So when James realizes that she is his mate, Jasmine is very hesitant about the whole thing. James is very straightforward in asking her on a date and kissing her, but she is still wary of him even though her body is telling her otherwise.

“I stood there flabbergasted when he asked me to dinner.  Why would he do that when I’ve been nothing but mean to him.  I had to be mean because my body’s reaction to him, every time he was in my presence, was disturbing.”

“It’s not that I don’t think it could work between us, it’s just that I feel being cautious it better for me right now.  James hasn’t proven himself fully and I want to make sure it will last before I fully invest myself.”

“He leaned in closer right by my ear.  “Because they are mates.  When a shifter finds their mate, they will do everything they can to join with them.” Then he lightly blew in my ear and backed away.”

(Chapter 1: Getting to Know Each Other, Jasmine)

Jasmine tries everything she can to put him off at first, including declining his invitation to dinner and pushing him away when he tries to kiss her. But eventually, because of her shapeshifting nature, she gives in when her body realizes that James is her true mate.

“Being with James, I could really feel the mating pull.  My heart was so tied into James already that I could feel the fear creeping up on me.  The fear I would lose myself in another relationship and he would take advantage of me.  That’s what happened with Joe and other guys I had put my trust in.”

(Chapter 2: Getting to the Heart of Things, Jasmine)

For James and Jasmine, romance is inevitable thanks to their shapeshifting nature. Because they are mates and Fate has destined them to be together, no matter how hard Jasmine pushes away they will always find their way back to each other. Shapeshifting plays a significant role in their romance and the plot of the second book in the My Heart best paranormal romance series.

“I figured as much because I couldn’t understand why it was always you.  Now I know that I have a certified cray cray for a boyfriend.  Hahaha…” I laughingly responded to him.

“Certified? Real?, Me? I don’t think so! My love for you is vast and I know that I will love you for the rest of my life.  I couldn’t let another man swoop in and try to interrupt us.  

(Chapter 2: Getting to the Heart of Things, James)

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