What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader is someone who assists an author in the publication process by reading a book before the editor even sees it. The Beta Reader’s role is to provide constructive feedback regarding the flow of the story, plot holes, and typos (if possible) in an effort to help the author shape a better story.

What are my expectations for a Beta Reader?

For my Beta Reader program, I'm looking for individuals who can meet the following expectations:

  • Preferably not a writer (I’m looking for hardcore readers).
  • Must be able to meet deadlines (betas will be provided at least a 7-day window for evaluating a book).
  • Open to the idea of a group session with other betas if there is a need.
  • Must provide honest and thorough feedback.
  • Must have a positive, solution-oriented approach to providing feedback (no Negative Nancy’s!).
  • Must know how to use Suggesting Mode (Google Docs) or Track Changes (MS Word) for providing feedback on a book document.

If you don’t feel you could meet these guidelines, please refrain from applying. I’m looking to build a core team to join me on my publishing journey, and I need to be sure I can rely on the chosen few to care about my books and my characters as much as I do.

Want to become a Beta Reader?

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