Why New Writers Should Not Worry About These 3 Things

Writing is filled with creative thinking, editing, revising, and pondering. All these things are a direct need for getting our work done and creating as new writers. Since these are skills we’re constantly building and using every day, they start moving across other areas of our lives. This includes maximizing worry and stress about things that don’t genuinely matter long term. Let’s look at why the authors really should stop worrying about these three things.

Comparing Ourselves To Other New Writers

What’s the top worry we as professionals or aspiring writers look at? We compare ourselves to other writers. Those who are accomplishing more, delivering more, and writing better than us. When really we need to stop looking at them. Each writer has their own advantage of skills, outlooks, and perspectives that make us (and our work) unique. 

Anytime we look at someone else that appears better or more successful than we are, it’s really all about us. Successful people don’t go around comparing their skills, goals, and successes to everyone else. Successful people just start creating, managing time, creating, and chasing their dreams. Working hard and accomplishing your goals make you successful, whether you realize it or not. Success comes in different ways, and everyone has to start somewhere. 

Why New Writers Should Not Worry About These 3 Things - brey kingFinding The Direction of Your Niche

Appropriately, as new writers, we worry about where our niche and area of focus our writing is based upon is going. Are sales of specific consumer goods decreasing? Do you review and write about those consumer goods? Stop worrying about the decrease in interest by consumers in that market. Ups and downs are normal for any topic.

No matter your niche, stop focusing on outside sources of analytics and interest. A range of events and actions can slow down an interest in a certain topic. Viral sensations come and go, decreasing other topics while increasing for another viral topic. Instead, focus on what your readers want and what you can deliver, while also relying on how well you can uniquely deliver. 

The Want To Be Perfect New Writer

Watch out folks, this is a tough one to shake. We’re never going to be perfect, and your work isn’t any different. This is a pandemic problem with writers and all creators alike, we strive to deliver work so perfect we actually injure ourselves and our valuable audience in the process. Finding your writing circle, where you can share and grow together can be amazing. Get support and work together! 

Instead of worrying about perfection, come to the realization that you will never get anywhere without delivering, and that means delivering imperfect work. Those great inventors and masterminds of history never cared about being perfect, and so nor should you. I wrote in detail about how perfectionism is the real enemy of writers, and how I work to end it in my own writing in this post.

Do you relate to these worry points? Completely delegate your problems and struggles of worry by writing them down where you can see them every single day before you begin your writing process. This will help keep them top of mind and singular to craft you into an even better writer.

Which areas do you struggle with most? 

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