Writing Everyday: The Benefits and How to Get Started

I write daily, and most are utterly surprised that I make writing everyday a necessity and cannot end my day unless I’ve written something tangible. This is both beneficial for my personal development and skills development. Why is writing everyday beneficial and how do you start?

Why It’s Beneficial

Writing everyday has numerous beneficial trends towards your personal development as well as your professional skills development. Practice makes perfect, after all. Writing everyday will help to improve your writing ability, to get your thoughts onto that blank document. Not only this, it genuinely helps to shape yourself into an innovative thinker.

Writing everyday doesn’t need to be based on some high-end goal like writing a book or starting a blog. Write for yourself daily, and that is where you will see the most benefits. This approach of writing for yourself, will get your thinking in an innovative state, help you troubleshoot real problems, and will boost your creativity as well as productivity throughout the day.

Building discipline is yet another greatly beneficial effect of writing everyday. In ever so busy and quickly moving world, thoughts, ideas, and dreams are constantly moving. This leads to so many people not fulfilling goals and dreams. What we really need more of is discipline, and writing everyday will help build exactly that.

The benefits are ongoingly endless, especially from person to person. As you begin to build your habit of writing, you will see your life and professional skills improve and build abundantly.

Writing Everyday: How to Get Started

Writing daily is essentially a habit, and those few first weeks, or for some, maybe a few months, can be an utter challenge. You can start your daily writing habit by creating goals that are easily trackable and viewable.

These trackable goals will be realistic goals that are easily viewed. What do I mean by easily viewed and trackable? Many people will begin their goals by documenting they want to write more or write daily. Yes, that is a goal, however, this is not a trackable or easily viewed goal. Instead, create your goal based on something tangible like “1,000 words a day”, and adding in another goal on top of that to make it count even more, for example, “Wake up at 6:00AM”.

These goals can be both track and easily viewed. Try to sit down to write at the same time everyday, this will help you build the habit. Now, all that’s left is to get out there and write.

Conclusion Tip: Stop Editing

If you’ve been keeping up with my last few posts, you realize that perfection and editing too much can keep you from moving forward. This can also prevent you from reaching your goals, especially in the case of writing everyday.

In essence, rather than using your preconceived goal of editing daily, stop editing so much while you write and just focus on meeting your actual goal: write daily. You can worry about rounding the rough edges later. Read my post on Why Perfectionism is The Enemy for more on better storytelling through less editing.

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