There’s an impulse with writers and any creator that is, that all work should be perfect. We look back at our previous creations and cringe at the sight of mistakes and utter arrogance. But what if we had never published that creation we so longingly look at in disgust?

We would never have become better, moving forward with our careers and passions at an unindustrious rate. Writing Perfection is the enemy, here’s how I work to put an end to it.

Use Structure Frames

There’s a lot of things in this world that is missing structure, and when adding a solid frame of structure to many negative elements, whatever they are, improves upon the final result. This includes my writing process, using a structure of ideas and concepts before beginning to write for delivery.

These structures make up a solid frame in which my concepts and ideas are built into something viable and valuable. Try to plan and layout before creating, and you will see how much more smoothly the entire process will move.

Just Write

While writing it can be tempting to stop and edit when you’re continuing to write mistakes. This makes for constant interruption of your writing, and just feeds that inner perfectionist.

Instead of writing, editing, write, just write. Hold off on correcting, editing, and reviewing until you’ve completely finished building upon your work by writing. You can then follow up with your editing after you’re finished, but only then.

Just Keep Shipping

There’s this sound saying that to build a successful product and business, “Just keep shipping”. As writers, we should take that to heart. Ship your writing every day, and keep your work not just to yourself but in the eye of others, where you can continue to grow.

Malcolm Gladwell points out that becoming an expert at a subject means practicing that craft for 10,000 hours. 10,000 hours is the timely number for expert level and mastery. We become expert writers by shipping, so ship every day and you’re on your way moving full speed ahead.

You’ll Never Be Satisfied

As creators, we will never to be completely satisfied with what we create, and we need to face that fact and ship on. Instead of focusing on problems and errors, stand up to your perfectionist self, tell yourself you’re on the path to becoming better, and you will shine. If you never wrote a single word, you would not be anywhere, and you won’t go anywhere if you don’t keep publishing your writing.


Writing is something you enjoy, so enjoy it. Writing is a craft you’re getting better at with each new piece of work, so keep shipping. Writing Perfecting is something you’ll always want to do, so just write.

There’s probably mistakes and errors in this post, but I’m alright with that. Because I’m writing, shipping, and moving forward.